Why Work At Home?

Why Work At Home?

Although for some, the answer to that question is pretty obvious, but to others, it may take a little more convincing and persuading to show them the many benefits that they would and can enjoy by being a work at home entrepreneur.

Being and working in a traditional setting like a corporate or manufacturing environment is enough to make a person seriously considering their options and starting their own businesses to think long and hard.

These settings are not necessarily “bad” but are limiting and inflexible to offer the work from home individual what they are seeking and long for – – which is flexibility and convenience.

Gas Savings
One significantly large factor in the work at home issue is the huge savings that you can enjoy on your gas expenses and commute time for work each day.

This expense can significantly increase depending on the distance to and from work on a daily basis and what kind of vehicle is used in the commute.

It is estimated that your average corporate employee spends anywhere from 1-3 hours each day, traveling back and forth to their places of employment. That roughly translates into almost 15 hours per week just in travel time alone!

Coupled with the average 40 hour work week, and that employee is looking at over 50 hours away from home and possibly hundreds of dollars in gasoline and vehicle expense.

Again, those numbers alone is enough to make someone consider the aspects of working from home as a serious consideration!

With working from home, the daily commute can be reduced to as little as 5 minutes to your home office each day. That can significantly reduce the stress associated with daily commutes and traffic stress in traveling on the road.

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