Two Ways To Publish Your Book – Publisher and Self Publishing

There are 2 ways you can publish your book:


  1. Get a ‘book deal’. This is not going to be our preferred option. For a start, it can be very difficult to get a book deal, even if all you want to be is a writer. It doesn’t matter how well you write, it doesn’t matter how relevant and current your information is, it doesn’t matter how urgent the need of your market to get this information, or how eager they are to buy your book as soon as is humanly possible…it is statistically unlikely, you will ever get a book deal. End of story.


This is because all unsolicited manuscripts, when sent to a publisher, go into what they refer to in the industry as a ‘slush pile’. To be honest, whenever I hear the term ‘slush pile’, I can’t help but imagine a modestly sized office in the city, with creamy/brown-ish carpet and a huge unkempt pile of A4 size manuscripts loosely piled up in the middle of the room. No matter how well you present your work to the publisher, this is where it ends up.


Every so often, a relatively lowly paid employee will be tasked with the job of going through this slush pile, to see if there’s anything worthy of further consideration. I don’t envy those who seek to make a living as a writer, having to rely on this grossly inefficient system to get published. What if this lowly paid employee is having an off day? Before the information age, before the technology we have now, if you wanted something that looked and felt like a book, this was the only path open to you. Luckily for us, we need never submit our book to any publishing company. Never.


Then, if you somehow, miraculously, wade your way through the masses of the slush pile, end up in an editor’s hands and connect with their needs sufficiently that you actually get published, that doesn’t mean anything. The publisher will send boxes and boxes of books to your home or office, because they get a better printing rate that way. You’re paying for the printing out of whatever money they do pay you. And the unsold books go on your tab, many authors actually end up owing the publisher money. Now, you may receive help with design and formatting, but I’m going to show you that you don’t need it – and I’ll show you how to order as many or as few books as you want – even just one – without paying anywhere near a retail book price.


  1. Self-publish! Now YOU can become your own publisher…and YOU are in control. No need to rely on some overworked, underpaid staff member sifting through their slush pile and surfacing with YOUR book over all the others – you don’t need them!

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