The Importance Of Personal Branding

When starting out be sure to figure out the kind of impression you want to make? Are you corporate or arty? Are you casual or formal? The kind of image you present will be vital because with video these days people expect you to either speak into a video or have a video ad as often time is a problem and people prefer to watch and listen than read pages and pages of text.

In our video business we have found it vitally important to work on being original and creative and at all times listening to the needs of the client. We have been amazed at the results our clients have achieved when using video to get their message across to prospects. Choose a colour that reflects who you are so people will identify that colour to YOU. Notice in the pic below I wear a pink satin jacket… that is the colour I wear at all my Networking Events. What colour do you like to wear? It’s important.. try to think of a colour that not only suits you but one but resonates with your product or service.


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