I attended the Self Publishing Workshop offered by the Library hosted by Ms Nikki Cooper at Nowra NSW on Friday 11th September.

Her presentation was without doubt, the most informative, topic focused and worthwhile that I have ever attended, and absolutely beneficial for those wishing to enter the field of a Writer.

For myself – having already completed two manuscripts, but not having the confidence to face the ‘dark hole’ of the internet world, was totally blown away.

She has changed my life – literally. Motivated me, shown me the way where I have a safety net and given me all the tools I need to get published.

Elizabeth J. Nowra
NSW Australia

Nikki Cooper’s presentation at the Batemans Bay Writers Festival gave me the answers. After her crammed two hours, I am now equipped to publish a book online and have hard copies printed on demand for a few dollars a copy. I have contact details to get help where I need it and strategies to produce a book ready for download for a few hundred dollars. Anyone who follows Nikki’s directions can become a published author regardless of wealth or age. Thank you Nikki.

Stafford Ray
author and festival-goer

Speaking with inspiring people REALLY does energise you! I just spent an hour with the AMAZING Nikki Cooper. Thanks Nikki, there’s a real synergy there. I can’t wait to get this show on the road!!!!

David Willis
Real Estate Agent Perth Australia

Hi Nikki, just a note to say what a pleasure it is to work with you this year. You have helped me with your coaching this year and my new video on my website.You are magnificent! Have a fabulous Chrissie and lots of love.

Lisa Phillips
Life Coach Sydney Australia

Finding Nikki Cooper is like finding a gold nugget.

David Troyahn
Melbourne Australia

I am Neil Waterhouse and I was introduced to Nikki Cooper from a former colleague. Nikki invited me to speak at one of her Speed Networking Events. I highly recommend Nikki’s Speed Networking Events, they are very professionally run from the quick organised registration as soon you arrive to the organised opportunity for everybody to give their quick elevator pitch so everybody knows who they may benefit from networking with. Nikki is a great speaker and gave some very valuable tips on networking. I highly recommend this event.

Neil Waterhouse
Million Dollar Ebay Entrepreneur

Nikki Cooper is not only a pleasure to work with but puts other’s needs above her own while delivering professional presentations online and at business networking events. With her experience in writing and delivering information, her book “Success and how to get it” has set her up to be an influential author and I admire her enthusiasm in wanting to share powerful messages with others continuously. I highly recommend Nikki Cooper to anyone and wish her every success.

Vanessa Bartlett
Presenter and Journalist

Nikki, is a very lively and informative speaker. Ive attended her networking events and made great contacts. Plus 14yrs ago i hired Nikki as a speaker at my own networking events and she was good value and gave our audiences lots of confident people skills. If you work with Nikki she will be a top contact for you.

David Newton
Author and Entrepreneur

Nikki is an experienced business woman across a number of disciplines. With Nikki’s experience, you can be guided to develop your marketing and networking skills to build a successful business. Nikki is passionate about assisting people to be successful – Nikki Cooper is a person you want in your court!

Adrienne Mclean

‘I have known Nikki Cooper for about 10 years. She is a lovely person to work with and she has a lot of knowledge about the businesses she runs and organises and I would like to say that you will be very comfortable with the knowledge she can show you and the events she can run with you and I wish you all the best Nikki, for the future.’

George Palasty

I attended Nikki Cooper’s self-publishing workshop at the Batemans Bay Writers Festival. Nikki carefully and clearly outlined the procedures to take our manuscripts from Word to published documents. She is a seamless communicator, with excellent presentation skills and a firm grasp on creating and presenting content that covered the needs of attendees who had varied skills and experience. We learnt the importance of good editing, the procedures to format and present our book online, including creating the ideal book cover – with a strong focus on staying within a tight budget. The upshot is that I’m self-publishing my novel, The King of Hearts, in the near future. I can’t thank Nikki enough for her willingness to share the information I needed to reach this goal, and for the care and personal attention she gave each of us in her workshop’

Sarah V
Batemans Bay NSW