Options For Uploading Your Files To Become A Book

When you upload the interior files of your book, they are  actual ‘pages’. There are two options, one is to have CreateSpace help you with the formatting, the other is to up-load a print ready PDF yourself.
It’s often hard to decide which way to go – unless you are an expert at formatting for CreateSpace, it can be tricky to get your manuscript just right, so that it looks exactly as you want it to look when it’s printed. You can see a preview be-fore you order a copy, but many a copy has been ordered, then thrown out because the formatting is all wrong.
Balance up the cost of professional help, with the benefits of having it down for you. It’ll save a lot of time, if you can factor that cost into your marketing budget.

Then you’ll be able to upload the actual PDF file. For most books you’ll want to choose the “Ends Before” Bleed option. This means your content will end before the edge of the page. Click Save & Continue.

Once it’s uploaded you can create your cover. Of course CreateSpace will be glad to assist you with this as well, or
you can upload a print ready PDF cover, if you have one prepared.
Alternatively, the third choice is to use the ‘Cover Creator.’ This is a program which helps you to design your cover right on the site, inserting your name, book title and choosing some images and colours. See how you go with this, it can often look very basic on your first attempt and you want it to look its best – make sure you get it right. It’s true that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… but we do.

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