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Easy Ways To Build Your LInkedIn Network

Building connections is essential for making LinkedIn work for you. It’s not just about what you know but who you know. Your connections are the people you know directly. They’re the ones who either you’ve invited into your network or who have invited you. Either way, they don’t become an official connection until the invitations are accepted. Your overall network …

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LinkedIn Profile Tips

LinkedIn is the most popular social media network for professionals. Unlike Facebook, Twitter and other sites that are used for personal purposes, it’s strictly for business. For this reason, signing up for a LinkedIn account and filling out profile information is a little bit different from other social networks. What to Include               First of all, your profile should be complete. …

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What is hot desking?


 Hot desking is a work space sharing model in which employees outnumber desks. In some such environments, each work station has its own computer and the worker logs into a virtual desktop. In other implementations, workers have notebook computers that they bring to work with them or store in a locker on the premises, along with any personal effects. At …

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Why you need to be on LinkedIn


Recently a good friend lost her job after 10 years working for a high end corporate company in St Leonards Sydney she was devestated as you can imagine. She believed she was set for life with this role but “nothing lasts forever” these days as they say. She rang me very distressed and immediately I asked her ” Are you …

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The Three Problems That People Face With The Law Of Attraction


1. Breakthrough they don’t have a breakthrough . If you don’t have a break through you are stuck. 2. Not sacrificing time or money to learn more about the Natural Law Of Attraction .. If you don’t study it and apply it then how can the Law Of Attraction find you? 3. No Self – belief. Or belief in the …

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