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How To Attract Success Into Your Life

Energy of Human Mind

Find out what you really, really want, way down deep inside and go for it…or you’ll remain in the foothills forever with all the ‘what if’crowd! To properly understand how you can magnetize yourself to success: 1. You must have an open mind. 2. You must remain objective. 3. You must understand that the universe operates in an exact way which …

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10 Common Mistakes To Success

Unhealthy lifestyle No goals Lack Of Focus Lack of persistence No Chief Aim Or Mission Statement Too self centred and not people- centred Allowing obstacles to overcome you No burning desire to achieve goals Not donating to charity or worthwhile causes Poor self- image  

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What is You Tube Live Stream and Why Is It Good For your Business?


YouTube Live lets you livestream large music, news, and cultural events, and interact with your fans in a way that’s not possible with regular YouTube videos. YouTube Live also supports a larger production than Hangouts On Air (HOA), which is a great way to drive viewer engagement (see Google+). Let’s dive into the steps to set up, promote, and execute a …

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LinkedIn Cheat Sheet

LinkedIn Quick Start Cheat Sheet   1.   Set Up Your Profile   □   Work experience □   Education □   Areas of specialization □   Your websites □   Interests and hobbies □   Awards □   Location □   Profile photo □   Check for keyword optimization □   Create a vanity url with your name   2.   Build Your Network   □   Send invitations via email addresses …

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Getting The Most Out Of LInkedIn With Paid Memberships

It’s free to create a basic LinkedIn account, but for a little bit of money, you can upgrade. The site offers premium memberships with many features that are only available when you pay. Depending on what you’re using the site for, these features can make life with LinkedIn much easier and more effective. What You Get with a Paid Membership …

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