How Your Book Generates Income For You For Years

  • Your book can generate new business for you for years, even decades – I’ve got an old copy of a book called “Stay Alive All Your Life” by Norman Vincent Peale, a motivational speaker, it’s a good book, I refer to it now and then and I’ve had it for a while. The thing is…it was printed in 1957. As I’m writing this…it has been on different shelves for the last fifty-seven years. That’s nearly six decades his message has been brought into various homes and offices – it’s a bit tattered around the edges, the paper slightly yellowed, but otherwise it’s still going strong.


Imagine YOUR book still being read by your target market…decades after it was printed… imagine the sheer numbers of the enquiries and sales it would have generated by then – look, Mr. Peale’s book doesn’t really have much promotion in it, other than a list of his other books at the end, they simply didn’t know what we know today – in 57 years when YOUR book is still being read by people in your target market – it could still be as powerful a marketing machine as it will be the day it’s first sold.


“At heart, self-publishing is kind of like a bake sale. The end product does not need to resemble the one that comes from a commercial bakery, but it must taste good. No-one wants the lumpy under- baked oatmeal cookies with spinach and alfalfa flavoured chips.”

D. C. Williams


“Traditional publishers aim to publish hundreds of thousands of copies of a few books, self-publishing companies make money by publishing 100 copies of hundreds of thousands of books.”

David Carnoy


“The free charts on Amazon are constantly trawled by people with voracious reading appetites. Getting read is an obvious way to sell more copies via word of mouth.”

Ben Galley


“The best self-promotion is your next book. And the book after that and after that…”

Bella Andre



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