How To Publish A Book

This is where you get to turn your ordinary word file into a real live paper-and-ink book you can hand out to prospects. The master marketers at Amazon have provided you with a fantastic platform where you can create and publish your book. It’s called CreateSpace.
1. Go to Register for a free account and log in. You should see a button which says “Add New Ti-tle,” although as with any website, things may change in the future. However I don’t think they will vary greatly from what they are now.

2. After you click the button you’ll be able to enter the name of your project, choose the “Paperback” type and choose from either a guided process, with instructions along the way, or an expert process which is just a single page, for those who have done this before. Let’s assume this is your first CreateSpace book, so we’ll click on Guided.
3. Enter the title information, author (YOU), volume number and book description. If you don’t plan to sell the book online at all, this doesn’t need to be filled out with any great detail. Click ‘Save & Continue’.

4. The next screen allows you to choose the physical proper-ties of your book. Firstly, you can choose from a Black & White or colour interior. Now, unless you really want to in-vest in making your book look absolutely spectacular, it’s probably best to go with black & white for now, as colour printing inside really drives up the cost.
You can also choose the white paper  and the size of your book. If you’re going for that ‘bookstore-look’ book, 6” by 9” is good. Alternatively, you may want to measure an actual book which you like the size of and see if that size is available.

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