The Importance Of Connecting Engaging And Learning

My next strategy is social media. If you have a LinkedIn account it’s great it’s proven to be a goldmine of information I love going on LInkedIn because I connect with like minded people. I recently received an email from a gentleman who wanted to send me a book. A book is the ultimate business card. A book is the ... Read More »

The Truth About Email Marketing

Dont ever spam it’s a bad choice to make and it will ruin your reputation. We assume people want to receive our email. I received a call from a contact on LinkedIn and I liked his get up and go attitude. LinkedIn can be a great way to propel your business to the next level. Watch this video to learn ... Read More »

SMS Marketing Is Very Important

SMS broadcast is a great way to advertise your events or business. You can create a link if you are having a workshop or event. You can use to design a great event you can sms people the link to your event this works very well. Eventbrite allows you to send out multiple emails to your prospects. Having an ... Read More »

Why Follow Up Is So Important In Business

You need to follow up follow up follow up you need to put your business card in a safe spot put it in a long file for easy access. You can use software with a spreadsheet. If you are person who loves software to use what suits you. Offering good value, doing freebies, it’s a great opportunity to win business. ... Read More »

How To Have A Good Sales Pitch

You need to win someone from ‘hello’ good posture and a smile is vital. ‘Hi I am Nikki Cooper and I am an author speaker and presenter and I help people sell more products.’ Highlight a few keywords in your pitch and always practise in front of a mirror to gain confidence. Watch this video to learn more. Read More »